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Anxiety, Depression, Shame or Anger Intensive Therapy  Programmes

I offer a set of new, unique, intensive, empowering, trauma-integrating therapy programmes, which I tailor make for you. This approach combines the most up to date research into trauma, attachment, neuropsychology and change processes. 

If you are a suitable candidate, and you choose to undertake one of these programmes, it will help you:

  • move  past the trauma and pain that has dominated your life, so you can experience the difference 
  • resolve and integrate your traumatic memories and the linked attachment wounds.
  • learn techniques to stop the toxic spin-off effects of trauma that have previously poisoned your environment.
  • undergo intensive coaching to apply the changes to new and ongoing toxic difficulties and life-changes.  
  • free yourself to begin the next stage of your life. For some it is a matter of breaking old patterns, including eating and relationship behaviour. And for others it is about healing relationships and resolving vocational difficulties and beginning to enjoy life and to live it to the full. Up to you.   

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