The Bad-Day-Box Book
A free guide to surviving  the worst days of your life.

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The therapy process I offer is not for everyone. It only works if you accept that only you can change your life, and are willing to do the work, and take responsibility for your own healing. You also have to be willing to learn, to change, to follow my professional guidance, to identify what has prevented you from healing yourself in the past, and to find the courage and perseverance to battle through to success.


ARE anxiety, depression, panic attacks, loneliness, fear, anger, & grief wrecking your life?

Are you stuck,directionless, in a meaningless life, a distressing marriage, a pointless job?

Or are you are riding the wave of success but still not happy: something vital is missing?

Recent scienctific research tells us that most of these are symptoms of a common cause. 

I am trained in the latest therapy for this and offer a tailormade programme to resolve it fast.